We distribute many lines of metal drapery hardware at Window Imagination. Many designers and trade professionals like the look of metal for their hardware. Lately we’ve been getting requests from designers who’s clients want to ‘go green’ and use products and manufacturers that reduce their carbon footprint. Our solution?


Custom finishes have always been our specialty, so why not take our wood rods, which are harvested from the Eastern Hardwoods Forest, a renewable and sustainable source, and finish them to look like metal? Our paints and finishes are low VOC water-based and we use an HVLP (High Velocity Low Pressure) spraying system which eliminates over-spraying of paints and stains. We’ve come up with some great alternatives to metal rodding by creating finishes that look just like metal. Check it out:



These are all wood rods finished to look like metal. This can be done with the rings as well.  We love helping design professionals come up with creative solutions in any material so don’t hesitate to give us a call to discuss the options for your window treatment projects! Happy Thursday from Window Imagination! Your source for Custom Drapery Hardware Exclusive to the Interior Design Trade.