Window Trends 2019

According to Jeld-Wen in a recent Builder Magazine article (, “windows continue to grow in size while frames recede in response to consumer demand.” With windows continuing to grow in length and height, customized hardware solutions will become increasingly important.

While people are interested in bringing the outdoors in with large windows, there will be times when privacy needs will override the view, as well as to provide control over lighting conditions and to promote energy efficiency. As a result, you’ll be asked to provide functional solutions for these trend setting windows. Fortunately, you have Window Imagination here to assist you with these special situations. Just email us at or call us at (978) 655-4394 to discuss the details of your project.

Tip: Remember to factor in additional charges to transport over-sized drapery hardware. Depending on the length of your rods, it might become necessary to ship via truck, which can run into the hundreds of dollars. Be sure to factor that in when providing quotes to your clients with extra long hardware. Need help determining the cost? Just ask us and we’ll get you a quote.

Commercial, Residential, Large or Small: Window Imagination has you covered

Whether you are designing for a commercial business, like a restaurant or country club, a primary residence, or a vacation home, Window Imagination can provide you with the best type of drapery hardware needed for any application. Whether you are waterside, in the city, in the suburbs, the mountains or the country we can provide you with what you want. Since everything is made to order, everything is crafted to your client’s specific needs and requirements, while fulfilling your design vision.

Curves & Miters

Window Imagination can provide you and your clients with curved or mitered drapery hardware in either wood or metal. So no matter the space you are designing for, Window Imagination can provide you with create solutions that are beautiful and functional. Curved and Mitered Rods can be made as either traversing or non-traversing.

Curved Drapery Rod