Over the past 35 years we have worked closely with designers, architects, workrooms and installers to produce some very unique products including our own exclusive system of integrated motorization into our decorative facades. We are a certified Somfy distributor, but can adapt our facades to fit any motorization including Lutron, Silent Gliss or Goelst.

thad-painting-facadeTRAVERSING RODS: Over the years, the quality of many sources of drapery hardware has greatly declined due to the outsourcing of more and more of the US manufacturing base overseas. For this reason, we at Window Imagination, are continually revising and adapting our systems. For our Standard Traversing Rods, we are now using a 1” Heavy Duty C Track which is inserted into the back of the rod, so it is not visible from below.  For Standard Ripplefold Traversing Rods, we are now using KS Track Systems which are inserted in the bottom of the rod and are finished to match, so they are barely noticeable. More and more today, customer’s are choosing very heavy draperies which require us to use a variety of heavy duty track systems with ball bearing carriers. These heavy duty track systems, which are inserted below the rodding, are also finished to match the rod.


custom drapery hardware






CURVED RODS: We have been supplying custom curved wood rods for many years. These custom curves can be made in diameters from 1 3/8” up to 3” in smooth, fluted or reeded, and can be non-traversing, traversing, ring traversing and motorized. We distribute custom curved metal rods as well, which is available in various diameters depending on what you need.



FINISHES: Often we are asked if we have standard finishes – yes and no. For instance, if a customer wants a basic dark walnut or brown or red mahogany we do use a standard product. You can also specify a particular stain product by name. Because any stain is going to appear different depending on the wood it is applied to if you are trying to match woodwork or cabinets it is best to supply us with an actual sample for us to do a custom match. You would be surprised at what we have received here to match – everything from a desk drawer, dining room chair, kitchen cabinet, gilded mirror, a chandelier and a piano bench, to name a few. If you do not have a sample to send us we have also worked from a picture and will provide you with a strike-off (or strike-offs if required) prior to starting your order so that you are ensured to get exactly the finish you are looking for.

For paints or faux finishing you can specify any major manufacturers color and we match to their charts, or you can send us a sample of your drapery fabric, wallpaper, etc. for us to match.

Simply put when we say we are a “Custom” manufacturer of drapery hardware we really mean it. If there is anything that you need and think that it can’t be done please call us and we are confident that we will figure out a way to accomplish whatever it might be. Who knows, you just might help us to create the next “big” thing in drapery hardware design and function.


Curved Rods Cut Out to insert Traversing Mechanism
New as of January 2019! Drapery Hardware Installation Services! Call us at (978) 655-4394 to discuss the details of your next installation and we’ll provide you with a quote. We also offer measuring and templating services. You can also email us at Jayne@windowimagination.com.