There are some materials and finishes that serve as the backbone of good design and that stand the test of time – a few examples include:

Black, White, Silver Tones, Gold Tones and Stained Wood

These colors and finishes are the stalwarts of drapery hardware and will always look fantastic – today and tomorrow.

Black & White

Black and white are classics. Both can be dressed up or dressed down. Think little black dress vs. a white t-shirt and jeans, or a black cashmere sweater vs. a white wedding gown. Either can be casual or elegant. The constant is that neither will go out of style.

Ring Traversing Drapery Rod      Drapery Rod with Elbows   Wrought-Iron Drapery Rod with Ball Finial

Silver & Gold

Silver and gold provide a room with timeless elegance and shimmer. Whether it’s the warm glow of gold or the cool calm of silver, they bring a classic richness to a home.

   Silver & Gold Drapery Hardware   Brass & Stainless Steel Drapery Hardware

Stained Wood

Stained wood transcends time. It harkens back to a time with rooms full of stained panels that imbued warmth, depth and richness. For elegance that is right at home yesterday and today, try stained drapery hardware.

Square Drapery Rod, Stained   Sample Stains   Motorized Traversing Rod   Stained Drapery Rods