Helping you have your own Goldilocks Moment!

This one is just right!

Everywhere you look in the shop right now, there are metal rings – black ones being coated with sizing, ones with the sizing applied and waiting to come to the appropriate tack, some with gold or silver leaf being applied – some with the leaf already applied and being antiqued or distressed as well!

I was thumbing-through the July-August 2013 edition of New England Home Magazine, and in Trade Secrets there was an interesting snippet by Louis Postel entitled, “Magical Design Moments“.  He speaks about creating a “Goldilocks Moment”.  Mr. Postel explains a “Goldilocks Moment” occurs “when everything comes together in exactly the right amounts, just at the right time…”  As I look around the shop and see all the gold and silver rings hanging everywhere, I heard Goldilocks’ famous phrase in my head, because each of these jobs  – which were all using metallic leafed metal rings – needed a bit of custom artistic work as well, to make them ‘just right’.  If Goldilocks were to walk around the workshop and see all these beautiful rings hanging she would say “This one is just right!  Oh, no, this one is just right!  Oh, wait – THIS one is just right!”, for they are, “just right” for the particular job for which they have been ordered!  Let’s take a peek at what’s on the racks…

Ready for Leaf

Here we have rows of rings that have had sizing applied, are at the appropriate tack and are having gold leaf applied.



Here are the Gold Leafed Rings which have also had a layer of Antiquing applied.  Each one is hand leafed and then hand antiqued – we are all about attention to every detail.  

Silver Leafed, Cut C Rings

Here are a few of our Cut C Rings, ready to receive their top coat.  The silver leaf on these rings is a look that can be pushed many different directions – lux, vintage, industrial, so many ways!  How would you use them?

Our Mixed Sample Chain Set with Faux Metals and Warm Tones

Here are 6 of our truly distinctive and original colors – from left to right:  Gold Shimmer, Golden Dove, Metallic Rust, Rubbed Silver, Antique White and Oil Rubbed Bronze.  From this picture it is hard to tell that the metallics are not actually metal rods!  Thad’s artistic talents are amazing!

But wait!  There’s more!

This chain set includes from left to right, Organic Blue, Limed Oak, Gray Driftwood, Organic Green, Driftwood and Distressed Black.  These colors would lend themselves to so many different looks –  and remember, these are just the tip of the iceberg!  We can match to fabric, current paint that may have faded with time, furniture, even a certain part of your client’s favorite picture!  Just get the sample to us, and we are happy to create the perfect match!

Would a set of our samples help with your next client meeting?

Would you like sample chain sets of your very own?  Just give us a call – we’d be happy to send them to you!

Gold leaf added.

The Midas Touch

These rings are beautiful – shiny and bright, with just a bit of the black metal peeking through here and there.  For one order they are perfect just as they are, but for another order…

In Process

Here we see rings with a painted white base coat, which then had the silver leaf applied and then scuffed off.  I find these really interesting, what a great technique!  This process can be performed with any base color or color of metallic leaf – wouldn’t our new Organic Blue or Organic Green be a gorgeous base color with the silver leaf scuffed look?  

Yet another Faux Metal Finish

Here is our FR215 Finial which has received a painted base coat color, and then has had BOTH Gold and Silver Leaf applied and rubbed off for a truly vintage feel!  Amazing!

We have other chain sets, too!

This chain set features front left to right:  Brown Mahogany, Hand Hewn Nutmeg, Brown Walnut, X-tra Dark Walnut, Dk Red Mahogany, Colonial Maple and Cherry.  If any of these are either too light or too dark, need a bit more red or a bit more orange or brown, no problem, we’re happy to create individual strike-offs perfect for your project.

See something that is close, but not quite right?

So, if your inner Goldilocks is saying that the finishes you see are ‘just right’ or even not quite right, just give us a call – we can tweek them to be whatever you need!

Till next time – Happy Decorating!

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