Here is some feedback from our customers…

Hi Jayne and Thad- I thought you would enjoy seeing how fabulous the finials look with the fabrics!!! I must say the pink striped finial just made me smile!! Thank you so much for your beautiful work.


Designer, CT

Thank you so much for your beautiful work! The designer (one of my “VIP” clients) gasped when she saw Thad’s beautiful workmanship. It’s such a comfort for me to know that whenever we use you for a job, I can be confident in the results. Wish I could say the same for all my vendors!


Drapery Workroom, MA

You make me look good. The client saw it on the floor before we put it up and she admired every little detail. She held up the finial like it was a Faberge egg! You really did a remarkable job.


Drapery Workroom, MA

I really appreciate all your hard work! We’ve been nothing but pleased with everything so far!


Interior Designer, Boston, MA

Just wanted to tell Thad how beautiful the rod is. Color is perfect, the paint finish is gorgeous and I love the way the back was routed out to receive the rod. It is just perfection. Thank you so much for the work you do.


Drapery Workroom, MA

Thank you Jayne…you were a pleasure to deal with and educated me along the way!


Interior Designer, OH

The 5 sided bay rod, master/door knob, and the radius DR rods got rave reviews and went (up) beautifully


Drapery Workroom/Installer, MA

Thank you again, the rods and rings looked fabulous. Please tell Thad how much I appreciate him finishing them for my install

Mary Beth

Drapery Workroom, MA

The home I am working on is a gorgeous Georgian Colonial. The Mahogany stained rods are just beautiful. The color is perfect and the shine is just right. The carved finials trimmed in gold look as lovely as a pair of earings. Thank you so much, we are more than pleased.


Interior Designer, MA

The Decorator was walking on air and the client was speechless… Loved the gold rods! Hooray!!!


Drapery Workroom, MA

Amazing – they are lovely – really perfect – Thank Thad for his talent!!


Interior Designer, MA

Thad: Amazing Job!


Drapery Workroom, NY

The rods looked great and so did the living room rods that Thad did. The client and designer were very happy! It is a pleasure to work with you both.


Drapery Workroom, MA

The rods went up this Monday. Bravo! on a superior polka dot paint job. Thank you very much


Interior Designer, MA