Neutrals: Shades of Grey, Beige, Ivory, White, Black and Brown are generally considered neutrals in decorating. A neutral palette can create a sense of calm, provide restrained sophistication, or afford an airy lightness that lifts the spirit. It can also serve as a perfect backdrop for a client looking to highlight a precious art collection. To complete the look, don’t forget your drapery hardware! If your palette calls for neutrals look to Window Imagination to provide your drapery hardware with the exact finish you require.

Finishes: Not only can you select the specific color, but you can select the finish – such as matte, semi-gloss, high-gloss, distressed, white-washed, pickled, etc, etc.

Wood & Metal: Get the finish you require in either metal or wood drapery hardware. All of our wrought-iron hardware and wood hardware can be made in an endless array of colors and finishes. And yes – we do cornices too!

STRIKE-OFFS: Need to confirm that the finish you requested works for your space and fabric? Order a Strike-Off – having a sample of your finish will give you peace of mind that your entire order will be made as you desire. With a strike-off you can see the finish in the space and next to the drapery fabric. Having a strike-off allows you the opportunity to tweak the finish, if necessary, before all of the hardware goes into production, ensuring a perfect finish.

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