It’s Easy Being Green…

2017 is the year of being green. Pantone named Greenery 15-0343 as its 2017 Color of the Year and now is the time to make green choices for the environment. The color green is a beautiful way to bring nature into the home, but another way to honor nature is to use environmentally–friendly materials and methods for your drapery hardware.

Here at Window Imagination, Inc. our wood dowels are harvested from the Eastern Hardwoods Forest, which is a renewable and sustainable source. We have been using an HVLP (High Velocity Low Pressure) spraying system which eliminates over-spraying of paints and stains for over 20 years. All of our paints are low VOC water-based and we will be more than happy to use any “green” product that your customer may specify for their finish.

Even your Drapery Hardware can make a difference: Simply using functional drapery rods to easily close drapes at night goes a long way towards reducing heat loss.

Window Imagination, Inc. is also a proud American manufacturing company. We buy our materials from within the U.S. and make our drapery hardware right here in the United States. We reduce fuel consumption (and carbon emissions) since we don’t need materials to be shipped in from overseas and they aren’t being shipped to you from overseas.

Not only does this ensure the very best and most beautiful product to you and your customers, but you can feel good about being “green”! As Kermit the Frog came to realize: “I am green and it’ll do fine, it’s beautiful! And I think it’s what I want to be.” – “Bein’ Green” by Joe Raposo, performed by Jim Henson (Wikipedia)