What will be the defining trends of 2020 and beyond? As the trendsetters, we look forward to seeing your designs and bringing them to life!

In 2019 we saw a strong showing by metal drapery hardware, in particular black iron and polished brass – especially with french returns. As the year progressed, we began seeing a resurgence of wood drapery hardware, including finishes in vibrant colors and unique faux finishes designed to coordinate with other design elements.

We can wait to see what 2020 brings!

Window Imagination is a Design Professionals Best Friend!

Since Window Imagination is a custom drapery hardware manufacturer, exclusive to the interior design trade, you can design your own trends and get them made right here! If you need help working through a situation, idea or difficult installation, we are happy to speak with you. We can help to identify the best approach to study the aesthetic you’d like to create, while addressing any challenges.

Custom Finishes 


Finials are the epitome of something functional (hiding the unfinished ends of a rod) and something beautiful. Whether you opt for the simplicity of an end cap or curved elbow or a highly decorative finial, they provide the finishing touch for drapery hardware that is like the icing on a cake!

  Brass & Stainless Steel Drapery Hardware     

Custom Estimates

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