Does your client have a need for curved drapery rods?

If so, Window Imagination has a solution for you!

Curved Metal

At Window Imagination curved rods are available with either finials or elbow returns (aka. French Returns). French Returns are available as either smooth round or sharp mitered. You can specify the projection that works best for your client’s situation. If you are dealing with tricky moldings, let us know and we can work up a custom bracket designed to deal with that. Tip: For curved rods adjustable brackets are a must. In order to ensure a successful installation, we recommend 2-piece adjustable brackets to provide the necessary support and flexibility needed in these situations.

At Window Imagination, everything is custom made to your exact specifications.

What you need to provide:

  • In addition to the usual details, like rod diameter, length, material, finish, rings, etc. you’ll need to provide us with a Template of the area where the rod is going to be installed. FYI – If you are located near our Lawrence, MA workshop, we offer templating, measuring and installation services. Call us for details (978) 655-4394.
  • Also, please let us know if your draperies will be functioning. Depending on your rod length, you might require by-pass rings and brackets. Or maybe a traversing wood rod is in order? – Yes we do that too!

Wood & Iron:

Wood and Iron rods can be curved. Just like with all of our wood and iron hardware, curved rods can be finished in an endless array of options. You can choose from any manufacturers paint or stain, or you can opt for a faux finish or a specialty finish of your own design. Need a finish matched, no problem – just send us something to match! Curved wood rods can also be made as a Traversing Rod! Available in Pinch Pleat, Ripplefold and even Motorized!

Curved Drapery Rod        Custom Curved Drapery Rod    Curved Wood Traversing Rod

Brass & Stainless

Brass rods, brackets, rings and finials or French Returns are available in either polished, satin or antiqued.

Stainless rods, brackets, rings and finials or French Returns are available as polished or satin.

Custom Curved Brass Rod

Note: Ring Traversing Rods are NOT able to be curved.

We love seeing your designs and making them come to life! Send us your next design today!

To obtain a custom estimate, email us at or call (978)655-4394.