Drapery Rings

Custom Drapery Rings

Wood Drapery Ring Sizes & Styles – can be done in any finish!
Custom Drapery Metal Rings – can be made any shape, diameter or with any finish!

In addition to stocking a large selection of wood drapery rings and metal drapery rings we can also customize metal rings to any shape or diameter.


Round Iron Drapery Rings

These drapery rings come in a variety of sizes – and as for the finishes, they are durable and beautiful – let your imagination soar!  

Please refer to the following descriptions of the pictured finishes, but remember these are only descriptions of what you see here, we can create any type of finish you need!

Top Row (l to r):  Antique Gold Finish (2 1/2″ ID & 3″ OD)

Iron Black Finish (2″ ID & 2 1/2″ OD)

Iron Rings

Iron Rings

Bottom Row (l to r): Soft Yellow Gold Leaf (1 3/4″ ID & 2 1/4″ OD)

Oil Rubbed Bronze (1 1/2″ ID & 2″ OD)

Antique Silver Leaf ( 1 1/4″ ID & 1 3/4″ OD)