Designers are visual people.. who would have imagined?!

No matter how many times we tell our designers that we will finish your drapery hardware in whatever finish you desire, we often get requests for paint or stain charts. We can match the finish for your drapery hardware to ANY manufacture’s chart or samples you may have, but we understand the convenience of seeing a visual for finishes while you are looking at hardware options.

Most drapery hardware manufactures have catalogs with stock items and stock finishes. At Window Imagination, every job we do is cut and finished to the designer’s specifications which makes it difficult to create a catalog. How do you make a catalog of endless options? We want to appeal to your visual mind while not limiting the options of what we can do. Do you designers out there have any ideas about this? Email us at – we’d love to hear from you!

Here are some snapshots of jobs we are currently working on with different finishes:


We hope everybody had a nice long weekend and has a productive Tuesday!

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