Here are some great examples of our Drapery Hardware in action. Images provided by clients. Click any image to view in greater detail.

2″ Reeded Custom Wood Rod with alternating paint and silver leaf with coordinating custom finished finial and silver leafed rings

Custom Metal Rod with Mercury Glass Finial, Bracket Covered with Client’s Wallpaper

1″ Oil Rubbed Bronze Rods w/Smooth Elbows, Rings, and Brackets

Drapery Rod Custom Finished to Match Client’s Finial

Custom Octagonal Rod, Stained, with Elbow Returns and Gold Octagonal Rings

Custom Smooth Round Rod, Painted, with Custom Bracket and Ring

Custom window shade made with customer’s own fabric & our custom fabricated black iron frames

Custom Wood Stained Traversing Rod, with Beeded Finial

Custom Finished Faux Bamboo Rods with FW125 End Cap

Custom Metal Traversing Drapery Rod and Ball Finial in Custom Black Nickel Finish

1 5/8″ Smooth Traversing Front Rod Stained Mahogany w/Traversing Back Rod for Sheers w/Elbows

3″ Spiral Rod (Finished to Match Customer’s Stain Sample)

Painted 2″ Reeded Rod with Custom Grey Paint and Silver Leaf Finial