Over the years trends come and go but the desire to have one’s home be a place of refuge and serenity is timeless. This is true whether you lean toward a contemporary or more traditional style, and is as true today as it ever was, maybe more so. I saw this picture in Yankee Magazine’s January/February edition and thought what a warm calm room to cuddle up in at the end of a busy stressful day.

Being in the window covering business, I particularly loved the beautiful wooden valance over simple sheer drapes and it made me think of the many different ways wooden valances could be made and used to compliment any window treatment including motorized shades and blinds. Obviously I am partial to window coverings so it always dismays me to see windows completely bare. I understand that it’s nice to keep a view unencumbered, yet wouldn’t the perfect side panels frame the window and view without encumbering either? Sort of like the perfect pair of earings with a simple black cocktail dress. Think of the many ways and different looks you could achieve with custom made wooden valances, whether in a contemporary or traditional style – finished any way you desire. How many ways could you incorporate metals into a custom wood valance using small brass or nickel finials or in the case of this room black wrought iron at the tips or how about hanging crystals that would catch the light and dance around the room. We would love to work with you on any custom designs you would like to have for wooden valances, think about it, use your imagination, give us a call.

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