• Wrought-Iron is available in 5/8″, 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″ and 2″ diameters.
  • Endless Finishes Available. Examples include:
    • Black
    • Black/Brown
    • Bronze
    • Oil-Rubbed Bronze
    • Faux Finishes: gold leaf, silver leaf, crackle finish, glazes and more!
    • Painted to Match any Fabric
    • Any manufacturer’s paint or stain color


Finials available in WROUGHT-IRON include:

  • end caps
  • flush caps
  • elbows (smooth or mitered)
  • ball finials
  • domed cuff
  • domed end cap
  • disk end cap

See below for samples of wrought-iron rods and finials:


We also offer Traversing Metal Drapery Hardware, available in 1 1/2″ Diameter with Elbows, Ball Finials or End-Caps. The Traversing Metal Hardware is available as:

  • Ripplefold
  • Pinch Pleat
  • Motorized

We offer Regular Traversing (cut into the back of the rod which makes the track virtually disappear), Ripplefold Traversing, and Heavy-Duty KS Ball-Bearing Traversing for heavy use applications (both cut into the bottom of the rod).

Traversing Metal Drapery Hardware is available in endless finishes. Below are just a few options to consider. Since we are a custom manufacturer, we can provide you with the custom finish you desire. If you’d like a finish replicated, you can send a sample in for us to match.

Just some ideas:

  • Pewter
  • Black Iron
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Antique Brassy
  • Copper
  • Bronze Metallic
  • Brushed Aluminum
  • Custom Color Matching – choose any manufacturer’s paint/stain color

1″ Iron with Rounded Elbow & Wall Flange in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

Crackle over Gold Leaf on Wrought Iron

1″ Iron with Golden Dove Finish & 1-3/4″ Disk End Cap

1″ Hammered Iron with Bronze over Gold Finish

1″ Iron, Gold with Patina and Domed Cuff Finial

5/8″ Iron, Antique Copper with End Cap

3/4″ Iron with 90 degree elbows and wall flanges, Gold with Patina

3/4″ Iron with Green Gold Faux Finish

5/8″ Iron with 90 Degree Elbows with Hidden Wall Flanges, Copper Leaf

1-1/2″ Iron with Textured Copper Leaf and Domed End Cap

1-1/4″ Iron, Painted Neon Red with Domed Cuff Finial

Custom Metal Rod with Custom Finish and Mercury Glass Finial

5/8″ Iron, Antique Copper with Small Ball Finial

1″ Iron, Antique Brassy with DC101A Finial

1″ Iron, Antique Brassy with End Cap

1″ Iron, Painted Black with Ball with Cuff Finial

3/4″ Iron with Black Glazed Finish & Tracy Finial, Tide Pool

1″ Iron, Painted Black with Ball with Slide Ball Finial


Metal drapery rings can be made in custom shapes, sizes and finishes!

Samples of custom shapes and finishes:


Antique Gold (2 1/2″ID, 3″OD), Iron Black (2″ID, 2 1/2″OD)

Soft Yellow Gold Leaf (1 3/4″ID, 2 1/4″OD), Oil Rubbed Bronze (1 1/2″ID, 2″OD), Antique Silver Leaf (1 1/4″ID, 1 3/4″OD)


Note: Most brackets shown are in raw metal. All brackets can be custom finished to your specifications.

SHAPED DRAPERY BRACKETS: No matter what the shape of the drapery rod – round, square, triangular or hexagonal, we create and custom finish the drapery brackets to match whatever color scheme you are using. We can also make custom brackets for your specific installation needs. If you need a bracket to project out and above a molding, no problem, we will work with you to design a bracket to meet that challenge.


Square Brackets

Bracket for Octagon Rod

Metal Brackets

Adjustable Bracket Adjustable Bracket (Horizontal Back Plate)       Adjustable Bracket Adjustable Bracket (Vertical Back Plate)

Iron Brackets for Round Rod / Side View

Inside Mount Bracket Inside Mount Bracket

Horizontal Back Plate & Vertical Back Plate

 Inside Mount Bracket (Alt. View)

CUSTOM CORNER BRACKET: The custom corner drapery bracket shown below is just one style of corner bracket available. For this picture, we purposely used drapery rodding of a different metal to show off the details of this amazing drapery bracket. These Custom Corner Brackets may be created to your design needs (i.e., with the curved arms, as shown – or sharper angles, etc.) and finished to your specifications. They may be used with either metal or wood drapery rods and are available in any diameter and depth.

Custom Corner Bracket

METAL BY-PASS DRAPERY BRACKETS: By-Pass drapery brackets are also available for use with by-pass rings for functioning drapes.

Metal By-Pass Bracket and Ring


CUSTOM DRAPERY BRACKETS CREATED TO CLEAR MOLDINGS: These two custom drapery brackets are made to use when dealing with ornate crown moldings. The first one is designed to hold the window treatments up and away from a series of stacked crown moldings. The second one is designed to mount onto the wall above the casing and drop the treatment down into the casing. They are available for any projection or any size drapery rod.

Custom Brackets to Clear Moldings

SUPPORT BASES: In the foreground, are Heavy Duty Long Extension Support Bases for use with very heavy drapes. Standing in the background, are Horizontal and Vertical Bases which are used when there is minimal mounting space.

Support Bases

Support Bases

METAL FLANGES: Here we see Metal Flanges for both Inside and Outside Mount installations. Flanges are equally important in the support system of your draperies. They too, can be finished to match the drapery rods or walls – and are usually used with curved round elbow returns.

Metal Flanges

Metal Flanges

CUSTOM CEILING MOUNT BRACKETS: Here we see Custom Ceiling Mount Brackets. They were designed and made to serve a specific purpose as specified by our client.

Custom Ceiling Bracket


Below are pictures of Custom Crafted Wrought Iron Finials – the ones pictured are unfinished and were made to fit a 1″ Rod, but they can be created to fit any diameter rod and may be finished to your specifications as well – faux finished, polished, brushed or antiqued!

Custom Wrought Iron 3 Leaf Finial

Custom Wrought Iron 3 Leaf Finial

3 Sets of Custom Wrought Iron 3 Leaf Finials