• Wrought-Iron is available in 1/2″, 5/8″, 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/4″, 1 1/2″ and 2″ diameters.
  • Endless Finishes Available. Examples include:
    • Black
    • Black/Brown
    • Bronze
    • Oil-Rubbed Bronze
    • Faux Finishes
    • Painted to Match any Fabric
    • Painted to Match any Color of your Choice!


Finials available in WROUGHT-IRON include:

  • end caps
  • flush caps
  • elbows (smooth or mitered)
  • ball finials

See below for samples of wrought-iron rods and finials:


We also offer Traversing Metal Drapery Hardware, which is available in 1 1/2″ Diameter with Elbows, Ball Finials or End-Caps. The Traversing Metal Hardware is available as:

  • Ripplefold
  • Pinch Pleat
  • Motorized

We offer Regular Traversing (cut into the back of the rod which makes the track virtually disappear), Ripplefold Traversing, and Heavy-Duty KS Ball-Bearing Traversing for heavy use applications.

Traversing Wrought-Iron Metal Drapery Hardware is available in the following finishes:

  • Pewter
  • Black Iron
  • Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Antique Brassy
  • Copper
  • Bronze Metallic
  • Brushed Aluminum
  • Custom Color Matching

1″ Iron with Rounded Elbow & Wall Flange in Oil Rubbed Bronze Finish

1″ Iron with Golden Dove Finish & 1-3/4″ Disk End Cap

3/4″ Iron with 90 degree elbows and wall flanges, Gold with Patina

5/8″ Iron, Antique Copper end cap on left, Small Ball Finial on right

1-1/2″ Iron with Textured Copper Leaf and Domed End Cap

1″ Hammered Iron with Bronze over Gold Finish

Crackle over Gold Leaf on Wrought Iron

1-1/4″ Iron, Painted Neon Red with Domed Cuff Finial

1″ Iron, Antique Brassy end cap on left, DC101A finial on right

1″ Iron, Gold with Patina and Domed Cuff Finial

5/8″ Iron with 90 Degree Elbows with Hidden Wall Flanges, Copper Leaf

1″ Iron, Painted Black with Ball with Cuff Finial on Left and Slide Ball Finial on Right, Antique Brassy 1-1/4″ ID Rings

3/4″ Iron with Black Glazed Finish & Tracy Finial, Tide Pool


Metal drapery rings can be made in custom shapes, sizes and finishes!

Samples of custom shapes and finishes:


Antique Gold (2 1/2″ID, 3″OD), Iron Black (2″ID, 2 1/2″OD)

Soft Yellow Gold Leaf (1 3/4″ID, 2 1/4″OD), Oil Rubbed Bronze (1 1/2″ID, 2″OD), Antique Silver Leaf (1 1/4″ID, 1 3/4″OD)


Below are pictures of Custom Crafted Wrought Iron Finials – the ones pictured are unfinished and were made to fit a 1″ Rod, but they can be created to fit any diameter rod and may be finished to your specifications as well – faux finished, polished, brushed or antiqued!

Custom Wrought Iron 3 Leaf Finial

Custom Wrought Iron 3 Leaf Finial

3 Sets of Custom Wrought Iron 3 Leaf Finials