At Window Imagination, Inc. we offer a variety of custom metal hardware options. We can provide:

  • brass
  • stainless steel
  • wrought-iron

All are available in a variety of finishes, lengths, diameters, in non-traversing and traversing. If you are interested in chrome or nickel, please call us at 978-655-4394 for more information. For members of the Trade, you can obtain an Estimate by either calling us at (978)655-4394 or sending an email to

Custom Curves, Bay Windows and Miters

In addition to straight rods, we also offer curved rods and rods custom-made to fit in mitered bays. Rods are bent into a custom curve or mitered bay per your template. We can also create any kind of bracket you need. For mitered bays, you can send us a sketch with the wall-to-wall measurements and angles, or send us a template of the space.


Faux Metal Hardware

While we offer metal hardware in brass, stainless steel and wrought-iron, we also can finish any of our wood hardware with a faux-finish to mimic the look of metal (with the exception of polished brass and stainless steel). Most people have a hard time telling the difference between our faux-metal wood hardware and real metal.

Is it metal or is it wood? We’ll never tell.