Important Points to Consider When Ordering Brackets:

  • Projection: Remember to consider moldings and whether you need clearance behind for Roman Shades, Roller Shades or other window treatments that will sit behind your drapery panels.
  • By-Pass Brackets and Rings for Metal Hardware: If you are installing functioning draperies on a metal rod that is too long for only one center support, you’ll require by-pass brackets & rings.
  • Mounting Restrictions: If space is limited for traditional brackets, talk to us about the situation and we’ll work with you to devise a customized solution.

How Many Brackets Do I Need?

  • Non-Traversing Rods: The following factors impact how many brackets you’ll want to use:
    • Weight of your draperies
    • Length of the Rod
    • Function (Are these stationary panels or Will they open & close?)
    • What You are Mounting Into (Is the wall structurally strong or will you need to reinforce your installation with toggle bolts or anchors?)
  • Traversing Rods: Our Traversing Drapery Rods come included with all of the brackets you’ll need for installation. The brackets for Traversing Rods do not interfere with the functionality of the carriers.


Brackets are a necessary aspect of installing drapery hardware and ensuring successful functionality over the long-term. At Window Imagination, Inc. we provide you with solutions that give the necessary support, without taking away from the beauty of the hardware.

Our Standard U-Bracket, designed to be the least obtrusive, is the most popular for wood drapery rods. Full U-Brackets are used to hide splices.

Our brackets are typically finished to match the rod (unless otherwise specified) and can even include bracket covers finished to match the wall color, or even wallpaper.

Our brackets are available in custom projections, regular and heavy-duty.

Other alternatives include wooden Euro brackets and Wood Brackets.   


Our metal brackets for brass, stainless steel and wrought-iron (in every finish available) are made to your specifications (projection, finish, length and/or width of back plate, wall or ceiling mount).

They are also available with a horizontal back plate option, commonly used for center supports, which allows the bracket to hide nicely behind the rod. For maximum structure, it’s recommended to use vertical back plates for end brackets (which are usually hidden behind draperies any way). We also offer brackets that accommodate cut-by-pass rings for functional draperies.

We also can provide custom ceiling mount brackets, if required for your installation or design.


Brackets are custom finished to your specifications. If you want your brackets finished to match your rods, we will do that. If you want them to be finished differently, we can do that too!


Want your bracket to be functional and integrated into the hardware design? Just let us know what you are looking to do and we’ll work with you to design something beautiful and functional.


Our Standard Metals Line has a line of brackets as well. These brackets have round back plates. The back plate has a diameter of 2 1/4″. In our Standard Line:

  • The Standard Metals Line is available in Polished Brass, Satin Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Nickel and Black Nickel
  • These brackets come with a screw on mounting plate that fits inside the back plate to hide the mounting screws.


For Inside Mount Cafe Curtains, we’ve got you covered.


For elbow returns, you can choose to used flanges as your end bracket. These too can be finished to match your hardware.



Whether you want all elements of your drapery hardware to be finished the same, or you want to mix materials and/or finishes, you can get it all at Window Imagination, Inc. You don’t need to stick to just one line or one finish. When requesting your Estimate, just let us know what material and finish you’d like for each component.

For example, you could choose to use a Lucite Rod coordinated with a Polished Chrome Bracket and Finial Neck. You can even add Polished Chrome or Lucite Rings to finish the look.

While brackets always play a supporting role, there are times when you might want to make them the star of the show. No matter which way you go, Window Imagination can provide you with what you want.

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