While the cool, crisp evenings of Fall create brilliantly colorful displays of foliage, they are also a reminder that Winter isn’t too far away. Which makes it the perfect time to evaluate window treatments, including the drapery hardware. 

Warm, Earthy, Glowing

In addition to decorative accessories and cabinet/furniture hardware, another lovely way to bring warmth into a room is through drapery hardware. Through your choice of finish, they can provide a counterbalance to cooler elements (like cool grey walls), as well as provide another warm detail to work with other like materials. You can accomplish this in numerous ways. Stained wood brings instant warmth, structure and depth to a design. Brass, gold paint and gold leaf add luster and a glow to any room. Warm colors in a painted finish could do the trick! Or perhaps a faux finish integrating a number of elements that asserts an overall feeling of radiance. Which will you choose?

Bamboo Rod  Wood & Gold Finial  Narrow Fluted Rod  Distressed Stained Rod  Gold Metal Drapery Rod 

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