What Some of Our Clients are Saying
ThiaraThiaraInterior Designer, Boston, MA
I really appreciate all your hard work! We’ve been nothing but pleased with everything so far!
SuzanneSuzanneInterior Designer, MA
Amazing – they are lovely – really perfect – Thank Thad for his talent!!
Mary BethMary BethDrapery Workroom, MA
Thank you again, the rods and rings looked fabulous. Please tell Thad how much I appreciate him finishing them for my install.
JimJimDrapery Workroom/Installer, MA
The 5 sided bay rod, master/door knob, and the radius DR rods got rave reviews and went (up) beautifully.
CarolCarolDrapery Workroom, MA
You make me look good. The client saw it on the floor before we put it up and she admired every little detail. She held up the finial like it was a Faberge egg! You really did a remarkable job.
GaryGaryDrapery Workroom, NY
Thad: Amazing Job!
CherylCherylDrapery Workroom, MA
The Decorator was walking on air and the client was speechless… Loved the gold rods! Hooray!!!
BarbBarbInterior Designer, MA
The home I am working on is a gorgeous Georgian Colonial. The Mahogany stained rods are just beautiful. The color is perfect and the shine is just right. The carved finials trimmed in gold look as lovely as a pair of earings. Thank you so much, we are more than pleased.
DianeDianeInterior Designer, OH
Thank you Jayne…you were a pleasure to deal with and educated me along the way!
M.S.M.S.Drapery Workroom, MA
The rods looked great and so did the living room rods that Thad did. The client and designer were very happy! It is a pleasure to work with you both.
CarolCarolDrapery Workroom, MA
Just wanted to tell Thad how beautiful the rod is. Color is perfect, the paint finish is gorgeous and I love the way the back was routed out to receive the rod. It is just perfection. Thank you so much for the work you do.
KarenKarenDesigner, CA
I received the LR and DR rods and finials today. They are BEAUTIFUL! You guys do amazing work. I look forward to doing our next window!
TheresaTheresaDrapery Workroom, MA
Thank you so much for your beautiful work! The designer (one of my “VIP” clients) gasped when she saw Thad’s beautiful workmanship. It’s such a comfort for me to know that whenever we use you for a job, I can be confident in the results. Wish I could say the same for all my vendors!
LindaLindaInterior Designer, MA
The rods went up this Monday. Bravo! on a superior polka dot paint job. Thank you very much

Welcome to Window Imagination!

We are a manufacturer of fine custom made and finished wood and metal drapery rods, finials, rings and brackets exclusively for the Interior Design Trade. With our 35 years of expertise, we have perfected the art and craft of creating the highest quality drapery hardware with custom finishes not available elsewhere. Our hardware hangs in many exclusive homes, resorts and businesses throughout the United States and has been featured in magazines such as Elle Decor, New England Home, Better Homes & Gardens, Traditional Home Magazine and Architectural Digest.

We manufacture custom drapery hardware, all cut to your exact specifications, in:

  • Wood and Metals
  • Non-Traversing and Traversing (including regular traversing, Ripplefold and motorized traversing)
  • Curved Rods
  • Mitered Bays
  • We can produce lengths of over 25 feet long in one piece
  • Track systems, including heavy-duty

When it comes to creating a stunning window the devil is in the details. The type of drapery rods and drapery hardware you select matters!

Drapery Hardware Made To Order

Window Imagination, Inc. defines custom as limitless possibility. Custom also means your hardware is made to order. Our 35 years of experience and technical expertise is your gateway to unlimited design and manufacturing possibilities for truly custom drapery hardware.

  • Residential & Commercial
  • Small-Scale & Large-Scale
  • Custom Color Matching
  • Custom Finishes: Paints, Stains and Endless Faux Finishes
  • Custom Rod Lengths
  • Custom Shapes (Straight, Curved, Mitered)
  • Various Rod Styles
  • Custom Rings, Finials, Elbows and Brackets Available

At Window Imagination, Inc. we provide you, the designer, with a resource to create one-of-a-kind drapery hardware. We are your go-to resource for the finest quality drapery hardware solutions. Let us guide you through your most challenging situations. If there is something you think can’t be done, chances are it can be done at Window Imagination, Inc. If you aren’t sure, just call us at (978)655-4394 or email us at Jayne@WindowImagination.com and put our expertise to work for you!

To get your custom Estimate for your next project, email us at Jayne@WindowImagination.com or call us at (978)655-4394.

For the Interior Design Trade 

To obtain your free estimate, please call us at 978-655-4394 or send an email to jayne@windowimagination.com

For Interior Designers & Drapery Workrooms Seeking Truly Custom Drapery Hardware with Limitless Size & Finish Possibilities in Metal or Wood, that Accommodates Any Space

Octagonal Rod with French Return

Metal Traversing Drapery Rod

New! Installation Services Available

If you are in need of Installation Services, contact us at (978) 655-4394 or send an email to Jayne@windowimagination.com to get a custom quote.

What We Offer


Wood Drapery Rods & Metal Drapery Rods: We provide custom wood and custom metal drapery rods in non-traversing and traversing options, in a variety of diameters, shapes and styles, with endless finishing possibilities. In addition to our custom metal rods, we offer a line of standard metals. We also offer clear acrylic rods in 1 3/8″ and 2″ diameters.

Finials & Elbows: We provide a wide variety of wood and resin finials for use with our wood rodding. We can also use finials from any source and finish them to match your order. We also offer wood and metal mitered or rounded elbows.

Rings & Brackets: In addition to offering a large variety of wood and metal rings and brackets, we also customize metal rings and brackets in any shape or diameter. Our own metal U-Bracket, designed to be the least obtrusive, is the most popular. Custom metal brackets solve difficult installations such as extreme projections and limited mounting surfaces.

Finishes: We specialize in custom finishes. Every order is finished to your exact specifications. Choose a paint or stain using any manufacturers chart, or we can custom match to fabric, woodwork or a specific item.

Custom Metals and Standard Metals
Custom Metals are available in:

  • Wrought-Iron: We fabricate iron drapery hardware in-house, which can be made in a variety of diameters, custom lengths and in any finish.
  • Brass & Stainless: Is available in a variety of diameters, custom lengths and finishes.

Standard Metals are available in: Polished Brass, Satin Brass, Ancient Bronze, Black Nickel, Brushed Nickel and Polished Chrome in 1″ and 1 3/8″ diameters. There are a number of coordinating finials available in the Standard Metals Line.

* We can also finish our wood products to look like metal.

Cornices: Custom cornices can be made in any length, depth and finish. We can insert traversing, ripplefold traversing and motorization.

Large Jobs: We love helping find solutions for larger projects! We create facades for motorized rods, curved rods, and hardware for industrial and hospitality applications in unlimited lengths.

At Window Imagination, Inc. you are getting a truly custom creation. Use your imagination – we’ll make it a reality.

Measuring, Templating and Now! Installation Services Available

If you are in need of measuring, consulting, and/or templating for bays and curves, including motorization, contact us at (978) 655-4394 or send an email to Jayne@WindowImagination.com. If you are in need of drapery hardware installation services, call or email us to discuss the details of your project. We are happy to provide you with a quote for your next project!



Double Rod Set-Up

Rod Finished to Match Finial

Rod Custom Finished to Match Existing Finial

Metal Traversing Rod, Painted Black

Custom Polished Brass Rod with French Return & Flange

Custom Drapery Rod and Finial

Drapery Rod Matched to Fabric for Childrens Room

Large Drapery Rod

Large Drapery Rod Being Prepped for Motorization

Beautiful Drapery Finial perfect matched

Drapery Finial Painted to Match Fabric

Drapery Finials

Drapery Finial Painted to Match Nursery

Custom Drapery Finial

Custom Drapery Finial Painted to Match Nautical Theme

Custom Drapery Finial Painted to Match Fabric

Custom Drapery Finial

Custom Drapery Finial